Frequently Asked Questions

Are your potatoes NON-GMO?

Yes, Nonpareil only utilizes NON-GMO potatoes. 

How fresh are my potatoes?

All Idaho potatoes are harvested between August and October each year. Check the Julian date printed on the bag closure to see what date the potatoes were packaged.

How should I store my potatoes at home?

Store in a cool dark place like a basement. You should not keep potatoes in your refrigerator, as cold temperatures convert starches to sugars.

Can I eat green potatoes?

If you can easily cut the green off with a paring knife, you may still use the rest of the potato. If the entire flesh is green, the potato should be discarded.

Can I microwave my potato?

Yes, you may microwave a potato as long as the skins have been pierced with a fork.

Should I wash my potatoes before eating?

Our potatoes are pre-washed, however you should wash and scrub all potatoes to make sure the eyes are clean of dirt.

When is Idaho Potato harvest?

Idaho potatoes are harvested once per year between mid August and early October. Potatoes are stored in climate controlled storages and shipped throughout the year. 

Should I bake my potatoes with or without foil?

We recommend piercing the potato with a fork, rubbing with butter or lard, salting and baking. This creates a fluffier, dryer potato whereas foil wrapped bakers create a “steamed” affect that isn’t as dry.